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A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Two-phase Flow in Deformable Porous Media.

The theory of linear poroelasticity is used to describe the interaction between fluid flow and 
mechanical deformation of a porous medium which is a solid structure composed of pores. 
The numerical modeling of coupled processes imposes great computational challenges. In my 
work, investigations are focused on the dynamic multi-phase fluid-structure interaction and 
the surface elevation on a large scale (meters to kilometers) in three dimensions. In particular, 
I formulate an accurate and stable numerical method for solving the multiphase flow equations
in deformable porous media.

We focus on solving problems

  • determine the characteristics of two-phase fluid-solid interaction
  • in the Darcy scale (meters to kilometers) in three dimensions
  • for long time predictions (months to years)

The unknown variables are the displacement of a solid structure, the pressure of the wetting phase, and the saturation of the wetting phase.